American Civil War Photographs

Color photography may not have been widely used until the 1930s but that hasn’t stopped an active group of Redditors from looking to change the past. On the Colorized History Subreddit, Redditors use photo manipulation to add color to historical black and white images.

The 2013 Army Photographic Competition

©Cpl Jamie Peters RLC - Daily Telegraph

Great photographs from behind the lines - Overall Winner 'Celtic Warrior' by Cpl Jamie Peters RLC Private Ross Cunningham from 1SCOTS cleaning his personal weapon at FOB Shawqat after a patrol to an ANA checkpoint. See more of the photogarphs at - Daily Telegraph

Photographs recording Jamaica

A striking collection of old photographs recording Jamaica at the turn of the 20th century will shortly go to auction at Bonhams in London. Gathered from the pioneering photographic studios of the era, they give a startling sense of life for Jamaican families at work and play in the country. The Daily Telegraphy Travel -

Only in England - Photographic Exhibition

Location unknown, possible Morcambe, 1967 – 68 by Tony Ray-Jones

Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. An photographic exhibition worth seeing. Ordinary people, not celebs star in the photographs taken by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. Tony Ray-Jones has always been an influence, ever since I found his book 'a day-off' in a second hand bookshop I've been a fan. Recording peoples' lives is a passion, doing every day things, going to football, buying fish and chips, having a haircut, I just love this stuff.

Pieter Hugo: seeing South Africa a new

Pieter Hugo: seeing South Africa a new - Kin, a moving new exhibition in New York, asks troubling questions about the photographer's conflicted homeland. See more at 'Sean O'Hagan On Photography' in The Guardian

Lewis Morley - The iconic Keeler photograph

Every photographer dreams of creating an image that captures a moment in history, Lewis Morley did just that, although in later life he viewed the image as a 'milestone'. His iconic image of Christine Keeler sitting naked astride a plywood chair is as fresh now as when he pressed the shutter button. Sadly Lewis has died aged 88, the photograph came to symbolise both the Profumo scandal and the sexual revolution of the Swinging Sixties.

America in ruins - in pictures

©Barter & Marbaix

The Guardian - Photography
America in ruins: how States of Decay captures beauty in derelict buildings

Photographers Daniel Barter and Daniel Marbaix toured the north-east United States to explore derelict and crumbling buildings that once were schools, prisons, asylums and places of work. Their images range from the majestic to the eerie, and capture worlds once full of life, now abandoned and forgotten. Take a look inside these lost palaces

Extraordinary photographs of Leeds in 1970s

©Peter Mitchell - 'Strangley Familiar'

I'm grateful for Twitter, without this technology I doubt whether I'd had discovered the wonderful photographs taken by Peter Mitchell in his adopted home-town of Leeds in the 1970s.

Photographs gain value and appreciation when the subject matter no longer exists. Whether it's people or buildings, when life has moved-on we look for evidence of that world. As photographers we are archiving the present before it becomes the past. We anticipate, as Peter Mitchell has done, that things are changing, not just infrastructure but the way we live.

David Bailey's East End - in pictures

There's nothing like photographic nostalgia, David Bailey's East End delivers this in abundance. Bailey's renowned for his photographs of the rich and famous, what can be overlooked is his documentary work of ordinary life and its surroundings. It's good to see that he hasn't forgotten his roots, he has a genuine love of photography as a way of recording people and places.

‘The Secret History of Our Streets’

Caledonian Road Station

For 18 seconds, six of my photographs scrolled across the screen of Episode 3 during the BBC2’s ‘The Secret History of Our Streets’ (iPlayer featuring the Caledonian Road (The Cally) in North London. They appear 31 minutes 42 seconds into the programme. As my birth place it was a great privilege to have made a contribution.


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