Extraordinary photographs of Leeds in 1970s

©Peter Mitchell - 'Strangley Familiar'
©Peter Mitchell - 'Strangely Familiar'

I'm grateful for Twitter, without this technology I doubt whether I'd had discovered the wonderful photographs taken by Peter Mitchell in his adopted home-town of Leeds in the 1970s.

Photographs gain value and appreciation when the subject matter no longer exists. Whether it's people or buildings, when life has moved-on we look for evidence of that world. As photographers we are archiving the present before it becomes the past. We anticipate, as Peter Mitchell has done, that things are changing, not just infrastructure but the way we live.

I'm always amazed as these archives come to light after years laying in neg folders. Publicity is the key in getting ones images to a wider audience. Obtaining a publisher is not easy, but with current technology we all have a chance to promote our work.

Long live the independent artist, recording images that in years to come will show how life was.

To read more about Peter Mitchell and his photographs go to The Independent - Arts section: http://ind.pn/10Uetiq

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