Frederick Wilfred's London Photographs

Milkboy © Photograph: Frederick Wilfred/Museum of London

It amazes me that photographs still appear of such quality from photographers that I was unaware of. Is it my lack of knowledge of photographic history or are these photograhers being unearthed after being unknown to the wider public? Whatever the reason it's a joy to see such work, it gives us all hope that one day our work will find an audience. Being an Islington boy myself I love these clean unclutered street scenes. They are of a simpler age, although I photographed Islington in the 1980s I wished I had a camera in my childhood. These scenes exist in my memory, I see them everyday.

From the The Guardian

Maybe it's because he's a Londoner: Frederick Wilfred's London Photographs 1957-1962 – in pictures Islington-born photographer Frederick Wilfred's black and white images of London street life are to go on display at the Museum of London from 16 June 2012, as part of the London festival of photography. The 15 previously unseen images capture London on the cusp of 1950s postwar austerity and the swinging 60s.

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