Hugo Jaeger - Photographed the Nazi Party

October of 1939 inside the Kutno Ghetto

On April 24 1970 LIFE magazine published photographs taken by Hugo Jaeger Adolf Hitlers’s court photographer. Jaeger was a fascist before the Nazi party was formed. From 1936 through to the end of Hitler and the war in 1945 he took intimate photographs of the Nazi's. At the end of the war he managed to hide his colour slides by burying them in jars under the ground. They survived in good condition and he retrieved them and eventually sold them to LIFE magazine archive. You can read the full story and view some of the photographs by viewing LIFE magazine on-line:

Also see the blog by Ben Atlas at that shows photographs taken inside the Ghetto at Kutno.

Kutno is a town in Poland to the north of Lodz and west of Warsaw. The color photos taken by Hugo Jaeger during October of 1939 inside the Kutno Ghetto (Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939).

I'm grateful to photographer Wojtek Kutyla for recommending this story. To view his work


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