Next door, a distant land - by Wojtek Kutyla

Next door, a distant land - by Wojtek Kutyla
©Wojtek Kutyla

Photographer Wojtek Kutyla has self-published a delightful and thoughtful book of his photographs. Wojtek has a keen eye and loves the unusal and the ordinary, combining the two gives his photographs a lovely twist. He is a dedicated follower of photography and has a great knowledge and insight into past and present photographers, this shows in his work.

This limited edition of 75 contains contains 56 photographs and at £10 is an affordable addition to any collection. To buy the book

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign — Robert Louis Stevenson


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“I am hugely impressed. It’s a brilliant book, quite unlike anything else I have seen.”
Dr. Richard S Grayson